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How are you helping eradicate Domestic Violence? Sometimes all that is needed is someone to step up, not turn away and listen. Sometimes it requires a phone call to authorities or finding other resources to intervene. Or it could be financially supporting organizations like the Choose Courage Foundation or your local shelter or counseling service. […]

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We welcome Intensity Training Systems as a BUSINESS OF COURAGE. ITS is the complete solution to making your body a better place to live. They will help you reach your fitness and nutritional goals and stay with you every step of the way. Thank you ITS for supporting the Choose Courage Foundation. Together we […]

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(2 of 2) Domestic Violence took Anna Marie’s sister. But it won’t take her Strength and Courage. ___________________________________________ What would you tell someone that has been “left behind” as a result of losing a family member to Domestic Violence? “You are not alone. It is not your fault. Now go do something that makes you happy. […]