#5 – Chris – Childhood Survivor of Domestic Violence

https://awvdezwaluwen.nl/37342-dte42273-how-to-talk-about-your-qualities-on-dating-sites.html “My mom was a beautiful soul and she lost her battle with domestic violence and fear. But in the short time that I knew her as the most beautiful woman in the world, she passed love onto me. Please don’t be silent. Please get help! Do not lose hope! Sometimes we don’t let people see […]

#4 – Chris – Childhood Survivor of Domestic Violence

http://thesynergylibrary.com/56880-dte76389-free-dating-sites-for-uganda.html Chris does not see his domestic violence survivor story as a tragedy but one of hope. He has learned to forgive completely in order to love whole heartedly. He celebrates his wife and 3 children as a miracle and felt blessed to foster 9 children. He believes in the power of love and has felt […]


Bev Childress Board Member www.bevchildress.com Flutter I’ve had quite an interesting vantage point over the last couple of years. I’ve watched an idea morph and grow and emerge. It’s a beautiful and inspirational thing to witness. Not only has the idea transformed but every party involved has as well. I’ve seen an artist step into […]


Christina Howard Board Member www.spaghettipie.wordpress.com Beauty “Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God’s handwriting.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson Beauty surrounds us, even in the smallest of details. When I stop to pay attention, the splendor of a vivid sunset, the joy of a father playing with his child, or the […]


Michelle Hurst www.idontbelieveingrammar.blogspot.com Courage My friend Rhonda spent months and all her creative energy shooting 12 beautiful women who also happened to be victims of domestic violence. On the night of the big reveal of their photos, I couldn’t wait to see these amazing photos and real life women. Almost all models were present and […]

Building of the Butterfly Wall

There are some pretty amazing humans on this planet and Jenni Johnson from PaperPyro is among them! We contacted a random (or maybe not so random…) Etsy store to inquire about their butterflies for the Charity Art Show “Emerge”. After Jenni learned it was celebrating survivors of domestic violence she immediately donated over 1,000 of […]

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