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Social Media Contributors

Rhonda Brunson – Administrator

As the CEO of the Choose Courage Foundation Rhonda is involved in curating a message of hope and inspiration through social media and committed to the mission of growing awareness, inspiring victims to seek help and preventing the next generation of abuse.  She is a Fort Worth photographer, wife, boy, puppy, and lizard mom who is passionate about doing something that means something.

Ashley Baker – Contributor

Ashley is a certified JRNI Catalyst life coach that focuses on leading people towards living their best life now, with a special love towards working to empower women suffering with insecurities, relationships, anxiety and life direction. She has also worked in the health and fitness field for over 15 years as a personal trainer and group exercise coach, always believing that movement is medicine. She Is a certified Baptiste yoga instructor currently teaching at a drug and alcohol recovery center.

A favorite quote from Zig Ziglar states, “A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could, because somebody else thought they could”—This quote has been a huge catalyst in her life’s work…but ask her in her own words, and she will state that her purpose is “To be able to see in people what they can’t see for themselves.”

Donna Harris – Monitor

Donna is a survivor of Domestic Violence who loves to inspire everyone she meets with a kind word, smile, hug or laughter. She resides in Haltom City with her husband, she is the mother to 3 wonderful children and also Nana to 3 beautiful grandchildren. She loves reading, traveling and spending time with friends.

One of her favorite quotes:  “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why” Mark Twain

Angie Marino – Contributor

Massage therapist, wife to her best friend, mother of 2 really awesome kiddos and a way-finder. Angie always strives to find a deeper level and share that curiosity. She is here to be a cheerleader of self love, a believer in digging deep to find your inner strength and to stand up for YOU.  Angie is an encourager for you to always choose to be courageous.

Melissa Riche – Contributor

Survivor. Butterfly Ninja Recruiter.  Melissa wants to inspire and encourage people to give real hope and help for those in a domestic violence situation. She lives in Fort Worth and is a proud mother and grandmother.  She is pretty good in the kitchen too!