Reese ~ Host of What’s Your Thing?

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look here We are excited to introduce Reese as the 2018-2019 host of the What’s Your Thing? Teen Project launching Tuesday, September 4!! She will be introducing the ambassadors each month and helping teens know their value as a prevention of abuse.


We wanted to get to know Reese so we flipped the mic and asked her a few questions…

What grade are you in school this year?
I’m a Sophomore.

What’s your favorite subject?

What subject do you wish you would never have to take again?
Science – of any kind

Are you a dog or cat person?
I wish I could be a cat person but I’m severely allergic. By default I’m a dog person.

What was the name of your first pet?
King, a big beautiful boxer.

Favorite color?

If you had to eat one thing the rest of your life what would you choose?

Would you rather run or do yoga?

What’s your favorite sport?
I’m not sporty but I like volleyball.

Do you have any hobbies?
Art in general. I love to draw.

Why is being a part of What’s Your Thing? important to you?
It’s hard to be a teenager and there are tons of us who struggle to find our space. Being a part of something that encourages teens to be their authentic self is exciting. It’s about being comfortable with who you are. When you are comfortable – you don’t have to fit a certain mold to be happy.

What’s YOUR thing?


Thank you Reese for being our host and a part of preventing the next generation of dating violence and domestic abuse. #awesomepeoplerock

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