Feats of Courage – Anna Marie

more information (1 of 2) Domestic Violence took Anna Marie’s sister. But it won’t take her Strength and Courage.
Fitness can be a powerful tool in our lives. It can be a lifesaver not only in the area of health, but as a self-image transformer. A feeling of empowerment and self-worth may translate into the courage needed to break cycles and make hard decisions reality. We wanted to start sharing some amazing folks that fit this description. I asked Anna Marie a few questions and here is some of what she had to say.
What would you tell someone that is trying to support a family member or friend that is trapped in a cycle of violence?
“Don’t get frustrated. Stick with them no matter how many times they go back or push you away. It’s not them, it’s him. Open your heart, your eyes and your ears. And most importantly, lean on others for support. Pray.”
Visit the Danielle LeBlanc Foundation to keep track of the awesome work Anna Marie is doing in memory of her sister.
THANK YOU to Anna Marie for sharing yourself with the Choose Courage community. I had an absolute blast capturing your image. -Bev

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