Feats of Courage – Anna Marie (part 2)

buy Lyrica in mexico (2 of 2) Domestic Violence took Anna Marie’s sister. But it won’t take her Strength and Courage.
What would you tell someone that has been “left behind” as a result of losing a family member to Domestic Violence?
“You are not alone. It is not your fault. Now go do something that makes you happy. It’s what they would want. My happiness is keeping my sister’s legacy alive. Her heart was HUGE. Her foundation, her name and her beautiful daughter are a part of something that is saving lives.”
When you make a lift, hit a new pose, or physically conquer a fitness goal, how does that make you feel?
“When I hit a goal in the gym, it gives me a sense of empowerment and accomplishment. It tells me I can tackle those life goals the same way. Persevere.”
Visit the  Danielle LeBlanc Foundation to keep track of the awesome work Anna Marie is doing in memory of her sister.
THANK YOU to Anna Marie for sharing yourself with the Choose Courage community. I had an absolute blast capturing your image. -Bev

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