What’s your thing? Teen Project

What’s your thing?


ChooseCourage.org Teen Project


Project Vision: Empower teens with the tools to know their value as a prevention of abuse.


Teens who can define who they are and who they want to be are less at risk of being in an abusive relationship.





The Choose Courage Foundation Teen Project will run as a 12 month social media campaign reaching out to teens weekly with videos, posts, and activities to help them define themselves and know their value. September 2018 – August 2019


The 52 week project will focus on connecting, empowering and enlightening teens in a positive way. Skits, games, images, memes, quotes, questions and activities will be delivered by their peers (Teen Ambassadors) with the intent to build self esteem, create autonomy, connect to themselves, peers and family, and reinforce healthy ways of thinking.


The What’s your thing? content has been developed by educators, counselors, parents, a teen advisory council, and the CCF staff with the goal of empowering teens with the tools to know who they are as a prevention of abuse.


The Teen Ambassadors will create the project content as a group at the June 9, 2018 photo shoot / video production day. CCF will use the created content to write and produce all social media posts and publish them to the Choose Courage Foundation Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube accounts. Teen Ambassadors will help share the posts into teen news-feeds by sharing (reposting), liking and commenting.



Ambassador Program


~ 12 teens (boys and girls) from the DFW area will be chosen to be ambassadors for the What’s your thing? Teen Project by a selection committee of 2 area high school teachers and the CEO of the Choose Courage Foundation.

~ The committee will be searching for teens who have a positive attitude, like to try new things, are interested in making a difference in the lives of their peers, and are active in school and community activities.

~ The ambassador group will create the content for the social media posts at the June, 9 2018 photoshoot / video production day and help drive content into teen news feeds throughout the year.

~ The CCF staff will continually monitor the foundation social media news-feeds and delete “trolls” as necessary to keep the message positive.


Dates for Ambassadors


~ March 1-31, 2018: Submit Application
~ April 1-30, 2018: Complete 15 minute interview (in person, Skype, or FaceTime) with selection committee
~ May 6, 2018: Mandatory Planning Meeting in Fort Worth 2-4pm

~ June 9, 2018: Mandatory photo shoot and video production! 8am-8pm

~ September 2018 – August 2019: Social Media Interaction




~ 14-18 years old
~ parent permission
~ social media presence (be active on at least 1 social media platform)
~ attend interview, planning meeting and photoshoot (with parent or guardian)

~ create a vision board – 1 full size poster board with cut-out pictures, drawings, and/or photos that represent you and “What’s your thing?” (due at the planning meeting)
~ sign Teen Ambassador Agreement and Model Release (completed at the planning meeting)


Ambassador Duties and Responsibilities


~ Share your “What’s your thing?” posts of images and videos during your designated month. (4 total)

~ Keep your social media positive, shame free, bully free and encouraging for the entire year of the project.

~ Hashtag the following words on all reposts during your designated ambassador month. #whatsyourthing #choosecourage #teenproject

~ Support other ambassadors during their months with likes, comments, shares and reposts. (minimum 2 per month)

~ Connect with fellow ambassadors on social media and encourage them during their designated month.

~ Positively represent the Choose Courage Foundation with friends, family, and community




Being a part of positive change.
Doing something that can impact others.
Professional photoshoot images with printing release
Leadership Experience
20+ Community Service Hours for a 501(c)3 nonprofit