Contributing Photographers

buy lasix us Rhonda Brunson

Photographer based out of Fort Worth, Texas, but willing to travel to get “the” shot!  Rhonda’s passion is to show people their beauty through the lens of her camera.  She obsesses over fashion and fine art photography and how the two can work together to create timeless art.


What was the inspiration behind starting the Choose Courage Foundation? how to get valtrex for cheap  – The Choose Courage Foundation began as a personal photography project.  I was volunteering at a domestic violence shelter and I wanted to show the survivors how their strength made them amazingly beautiful.  The power behind these photos became a personal inspiration and a message of hope in a complicated issue.

Bev Childress

Dallas/Fort Worth area photographer/artist. She’s a wife and boy mom to 1 and dog mom to 3. She specializes in action and sports images but loves to shoot a little of everything. She also has a passion for creating composites and designing sports posters and digital art.

What made you partner with the Choose Courage Foundation? – I’ve always been an advocate for empowerment and self-esteem building for women. I love the role fitness plays in that and when I had the chance to combine fitness photography and survivors of Domestic Violence, I was thrilled. Nothing feels better than using your God-given talents to lift others up.

Katie Anderson ~

Omaha, NE based photographer. She’s a wife and mom to 2 cats. Her passion is working with entrepreneurs to capture their story through images.

What made you partner with the Choose Courage Foundation? – I wanted to be a part of something positive. Being able to use my skills to help others is always a great feeling.