Person of Courage ~ Alex Philips

check this site out Congratulations Alex Philips on being nominated as a Person of Courage! ____________________________ “Alex has been on an incredible fitness journey for the past 2 years and his persistence is an inspiration to everyone around him. Our community cheered him on at the Marine Corp Marathon in Washington DC last year and he is currently the […]

Feats of Courage – Anna Marie (1 of 2) Domestic Violence took Anna Marie’s sister. But it won’t take her Strength and Courage. Fitness can be a powerful tool in our lives. It can be a lifesaver not only in the area of health, but as a self-image transformer. A feeling of empowerment and self-worth may translate into the courage needed […]

Building of the Butterfly Wall

There are some pretty amazing humans on this planet and Jenni Johnson from PaperPyro is among them! We contacted a random (or maybe not so random…) Etsy store to inquire about their butterflies for the Charity Art Show “Emerge”. After Jenni learned it was celebrating survivors of domestic violence she immediately donated over 1,000 of […]

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